my beautiful laundrette

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The laundry of the future has landed!

What was previously considered a “back-of-house” space that was unworthy of good design is being reconsidered. As homes and lifestyles become more informal, the rooms that people spend a lot of time in, rooms once considered “servant” spaces rather than served spaces, are getting the same amount of attention as that aging dowager, the living room. For urban dwellers, with storage and space at a premium, every room is important and worthy of good design. One result of this paradigm shift is that the once lowly laundry room is finally getting its day in the sun.

Utilizing glass and light, 30E has created a luminous and glowing laundry space. With an internally lit glass laundry chute, bespoke lacquered cabinets concealing drying racks, not to mention other light follies, what was once a task has been elevated into something transcendental.

Our completed project, “My Beautiful Launderette”, is the perfect example of form and function, technology and beauty, all coming together to create the laundry room of the future.

My Beautiful Launderette was featured in the July 2014 issue of Dwell.

Photos: Eric Roth