GH2: Grauen Hund Haus

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In Boston, mid-century properties are rare and haven’t quite caught the imagination of the general public. Since both the client and architect not only have a mutual love affair with contemporary art and also share an ironic sense of humor, this project is truly a collaboration of like minds. Both understood the potential that this unique property held, beneath layers of wood paneling, wall to wall carpeting and faux-painting. The goal of the projects was to keep the existing character that made this particular mid-century home special while bringing it firmly into the twenty-first century with the latest in home technologies.

The main living space of the existing home has a classic mid-century wood-paneled cathedral ceiling which 30E design chose to preserve with as little intervention as possible. However to highlight the owner’s extensive art collection new lighting was required. 30E design introduced two soffits flanking the exterior walls that contain all the systems necessary for twenty-first century living.

While great pains were taken to preserve the spirit of this mid-century building, state of the art technologies such as programmed LED lighting and shades, closed cell insulation, new windows, radiant floors, induction cooktops, and low-flow toilets make this home more efficient, sustainable and best of all glamorous.

Photos: Edua Wilde