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We Heart Art

At 30E design we like to collaborate, whether it’s with our clients or with other creative types. We also like to blur the lines between architecture, design, and art. So in that spirit we’re introducing the first annual 30E design Valentine, which is a collaboration between 30E design and bk projects. Because we love art, we love to support local artists and because yes, cool stuff does happen in Boston.

This year’s Valentine is a limited edition of fifteen handmade snow globes. Inside Kathleen O’Hara’s Levittown Globes, iconic, post war, ranch houses occupy the idyllic world of a plastic snow globe. All is not well in suburbia though, as bits of collage, and painting add unsettling notes to the Cleaveresque domesticity of O’Hara’s encapsulated scenes. Kathleen O’Hara is a Boston area painter and curator. Her paintings depict quietly subversive, romanticized landscapes and architectural vignettes.
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